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My son was complaining about his unusually high water bill. I advised him to look for leaks around the house. Checking for leaks and how to check for them is something that I have been assisting customers with for the last 19 years. Water, compressed air, no difference. A leak is a leak. It did not take me long to find his problem. He had left the water on to a garden hose. Lying in the hot sun, it developed a bulge in the hose that eventually burst.

Leak Detector

With compressed air systems, when pressure loss becomes a problem, the first thing auditors look for are leaks. EXAIR has a handheld ultrasonic leak detector that can find leaks that you may not be able to hear. This instrument detects inaudible sounds emitted from the smallest of leaks.

Having found and fixed all the leaks, the job is not done. Over time, inefficient compressed air devices are added to the system. Air blow off probably is the leading offender and open copper pipe is usually the culprit.


Open pipe not only wastes compress air but it is not compliant to the OSHA dead ended pressure and can also violate sound level exposure requirements. The solution is to install EXAIR engineered nozzles. They can cut operating costs since they use only a fraction of the compressed air of typical blow-offs and comply with the OSHA sound and dead ended pressure directives.

nozzle array

EXAIR has a full range of sizes of engineered air nozzles ranging from the size as small as a grain of rice up to 1 1/4″ NPT. With so many selections you may not know which one to decide on and that is where our application engineers come in. Feel welcomed to give them a call at 1-800-903-9247. They truly would appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

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