Shock Cooling on Road Simulator

Some time ago I had the opportunity to see a setup which cycles shock absorbers prior to their market release.  This particular design mimicked the contraction and expansion of the shock as if it were installed on a vehicle. Earlier this week I had a chance to work through a similar application on a more realistic setup.

Road Simulator

The photo above shows a complete chassis resting on wheel pans that simulate road conditions.  During testing, the shock absorbers increase in temperature because the entire system is stationary and there is no airflow to remove heat.  To make the testing more accurate and to cool the shock absorbers, Super Air Amplifiers were recommended to provide large volumes of air directed over the shocks and other chassis components.

This application is perfect for an Air Amplifier because Air Amplifiers are efficient at providing large volumes of air to a given area.  They can be used for cooling, light blow off, and even fumigation.

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Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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