EXAIR Offers Guidance To Get Your Compressed Air System On Track


As the New Year settles in, I see the telltale signs of people reviewing and going after new goals.  The most noticeable is the gym – it’s packed!  A few days ago I walked into the usually empty weight room to find over a dozen people.  I’m with that!  And even though it makes for a crowded couple of rooms, it amps the vibe and I’m with that too.  I’m also seeing numerous emails and news stories about how to get yourself on track for the coming year.  Whether it be a personal or financial goal, the guidance is out there.

This made me think about how we at EXAIR can help our customers set goals and guide them to get their compressed air systems on track for 2014.  We’ve posted numerous blogs about monitoring and optimizing your compressed air system (for which our products have won awards), determining the cost of compressed air at your plant, how compressed air leaks can be costly, and how EXAIR products can save our customers money by saving compressed air.

The resounding theme in all of these blogs is two-fold.  The first major point is that EXAIR is committed to our customers and their applications.  The second is that EXAIR products solve problems associated with compressed air applications and compressed air systems.  These two things will never change.

We are poised and ready to help our customers get their compressed air use on track.  With a full staff of Application Engineers ready to weigh in on applications via phone, web, and email, we’re here for whatever project you may have.

Lee Evans

Application Engineer



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