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Although we’re in the grasp of another cold spell in the Midwest, some overseas users of EXAIR products are experiencing overheat conditions of their electrical control panels.  So in the span of a single day we’ll help an end user in the United Arab Emirates determine which Cabinet Cooler will solve their overheating problem, and then walk through an interesting application with an end user in Connecticut wanting to use the hot air exhaust of a Vortex Tube to heat a strip of glue.  Like many customers who would like to use the hot air from a Vortex Tube, we discussed the fact that in order to gain workable amounts of hot air from a Vortex Tube the bulk of the inlet air must be exhausted. We generally recommend against the inefficient use of our products and there were certainly better ways to produce hot air for this application (we can’t win ’em all).

Foam Static
The application in this image needed to remove static while conveying small styrofoam beads. Over time, the beads collect on the dispenser, will not flow properly, and pose a risk to shocking the operators. The recommended EXAIR solution for this application was to install our Ion Air Gun to be used as needed by the operator.

Combine this with the numerous applications needing EXAIR Static Eliminators, such as what is shown in the photo above, and the repertoire of EXAIR products is quite formidable.  And, it makes it all the more important to confer with an EXAIR Application Engineer when considering use of an EXAIR product in a new application.

To see how our products can safely and efficiently improve your application or process, contact an EXAIR Application Engineer.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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