Everybody Wants Options

It was a nice Saturday morning, I had the day all planned – cut the grass, edge the driveway, sidewalk and flowerbeds, maybe reorganize the garage, when the phone rang. “Justin, this is your mother, what are you doing today? I was hoping you could go with us to help me pick out a new car”. Now, anytime she feels the need to identify herself as my mother, this typically means my plans are irrelevant. So what she was really saying was, “whatever you have planned for today, cancel it.” Of course I wanted to be a good son, so I rearranged my plans and politely accepted the offer – what other option did I really have?

I was pleasantly surprised as she had actually done a little research and narrowed her decision down to two different manufacturers and two different models. What she wasn’t prepared for, were all of the options that she needed or wanted. (As we know – what the salesman says you WANT versus what you actually NEED, are two completely different things).

Sunroof? Heated Seats? Reverse sensing system? Fog lights? 4-Cylinder or V6? Leather or Cloth Seats? Etc.  She was overwhelmed to say the least. Since, she liked the way both vehicles drove, it was going to come down to the options she wanted and the extra price for those options.

After a grueling (for me) 6 hours, she made her decision and took delivery of her new car last week. She is very happy with her choice and the options she chose. I, on the other hand, was surprised at how long it takes to teach your mother about the options she chose on her new car. It’s now on to Father’s Day to discover what sort of options my Dad may have planned for me this weekend.


At EXAIR, our customers sometimes ask what options we offer for placing their order. We make it easy for you and yet you still have plenty of options to choose from.

To place your order:

  1. Email your order to orders@EXAIR.com
  2. Enter your order online at http://www.exair.com/
    • – If you have a model number go to the quick order box in the right hand, grey column
    • – Browsing for a need? Go to the “Buy Now” section in the black, top navigation bar
  3. Call in your order to 1-800-903-9247
  4. Fax in your order to 1-866-329-3924
  5. Or even stop in and we’ll get it taken care of while you wait

If you have any technical questions or an application that requires assistance, we have an option for that too – you can contact an Application Engineer.  We strive to ensure that no matter how you prefer to reach us, it is easy, straight forward, and in a timely manner.

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer

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