Line Vac Application: Hopper Loading for Injection Molding Machine

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Sometimes when we talk about applications for our products, we tend to try and discuss the ones that really stick out in our minds because of some unusual factor. Today, I’m going to do the opposite. By that I mean I ‘m going to discuss one of the most popular Line Vac applications which we generally refer to as hopper loading.

In this scenario, the customer has a machine processing a raw material. In this case, the machine is a plastic injection molding machine and processes plastic pellets. Above you can see how the Line Vac is set to suck the pellets out of a super sack (jumbo bag) and into a raw material use hopper. The hopper then feeds material into a machine feed hopper at a controlled pace that keeps up with the machine’s capability for material use. This kind of application highlights the usefulness of the Line Vac for what we call “bucket and ladder” applications where the Line Vac unit itself replaces the action of an operator climbing a ladder with a bucket of the raw material and dumping manually. The customer has implemented a PLC which controls both the solenoid valve to turn the Line Vac on and off. It also controls the knife gate valve (KGV) to allow material to flow into the machine feeder.

The material is conveyed into the raw material bin with model 6064 (2” Stainless Steel Line Vac) in this case. When the hopper is filled to a pre-determined level, a sensor in the hopper lets the PLC know that it is full and the PLC sends a command to shut the solenoid valve. This action simply repeats itself over and over again, freeing the operator to do other, more important tasks.

And that is the point of the implementation of many of our products: To provide product to our customers, who want to design a system for their processes to allow improved productivity, safety, conserve compressed air, increase force and reduce air noise. The nice thing is that our products do not have any moving parts to wear out. So longevity for these applications is another nice feature our customers can count on.

Neal Raker, Application Engineer


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