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Super Air Wipe

Whenever I come across an extrusion application, I am reminded of an on-site visit I made with our Costa Rican distributor, Dansar Industries.  During our visit we reviewed a previously solved application problem in which an extrusion line was experiencing poor coolant removal and high noise levels.  The EXAIR Super Air Wipe installed in the application corrected the poor coolant removal problem, brought the noise level down, and lowered compressed air use.

The secret to offering such a solution was the ability of the distributor to spot the application and make a model number recommendation accordingly.  When walking through the shop floor of your facility, remember the following tenets when considering an EXAIR Air Wipe:

  1. The Standard Air Wipe and Super Air Wipe have the same performance. The choice of which to use is based on the material of construction for various components.
  2. A difference of ~0.5” (13mm) is ideal between the OD of the part and the ID of the Air Wipe.
  3. A difference that is larger than ~0.5” (13mm) can be acceptable in many applications, depending on speed of travel of the material, shape of the material, inlet air pressure, etc.
  4. For applications exceeding our largest Air Wipe diameters we recommend an arrangement of Super Air Knives and/or nozzles to provide a solution.
  5. Maximum line speed when using an Air Wipe must be determined through testing.

As with any EXAIR products, our Air Wipes are OSHA compliant and maximize force per volume of compressed air consumed.  If you have any specific questions regarding the use of an Air Wipe in your application, contact an EXAIR Application Engineer.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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