Heavy Duty Dry Vac Works to Vacuum Broken Automotive Glass

At EXAIR our products have a rare capability to span across many industries and applications to serve our customers’ needs.

EXAIR’s Heavy Duty Dry Vac System

One such application is for a customer who produces vehicle safety systems for the automotive industry. Part of their continuing development of new product involved testing which, in the realm of vehicle safety systems, means breaking stuff.

In this specific case the breakage was occurring to the glass on a vehicle which required the technicians to clean up afterward, during their dissection process to see how things worked. And so, they were in the market for a high power vacuum system that could pick up the bits and pieces of broken glass from the ground and from car body parts. See below for a couple of photos of the areas.

broken glass 2broken glass 1

There really was not a big dust component to the debris. And the customer wanted the most powerful unit they could have in a compressed air operated vacuum system.

Once we understood their wants and needs, we recommended the Heavy Duty Dry Vac System to them. The Heavy Duty Dry Vac System provides the user with some of the highest vacuum levels that any vacuum system offered by EXAIR can provide. The Heavy Duty Dry Vac System mounts to an ordinary 55 gallon, open top drum to provide plenty of storage for the debris collected. The vacuum generator unit is constructed of hardened tool steel for superior abrasion resistance. The system comes with a large surface area vacuum bag to filter the air exiting the barrel to keep the operator safe and surrounding area clean from re-deposit of any dust or debris.

Previously, the customer had been using the electric, roll around, electric vacuums for home use. They were using the vacuum system so much, they were wearing these out at a rate of one every two months. The reservoir was so small they could not clean up the whole mess generated from just one test. And the sound level of the electric units were found to be un-pleasant for the technicians.

Once the customer had model 6197 Heavy Duty Dry Vac in place an operational, the unit met all of their performance criteria for a new system.

Do you have a large debris clean-up operation that is performed frequently?  Do you have a need for a high vacuum level system to pick up heavy debris?  Please contact EXAIR and get an idea of how we can help in your application too!
Neal Raker, International Sales Manager

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