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Some of the perks with my job are the ways we create solutions.  And with this solution, we had to create a “Tag Team” to meet the criteria.  We have a customer that has a long conveyor line that travels outdoors from a quarry to the facility.  The issue was with snow.  With the amount of snow that we have been getting this winter in the northern regions, they had to try and keep their product free from snow and ice.  Most of the time, the snow could be easily displaced with our Super Air Knives.  But, when the temperature increased; the snow became wet and heavy.  This would cause the wet snow to stick and roll up into small snow balls.  With the speed that the conveyor was traveling, the Super Air Knives needed help.


Knife and Nozzle (Tag Team)
Knife and Nozzle (Tag Team)

In analyzing a solution, we could increase the shim thickness to increase the force.  But when the temperature decreased and the snow was light and fluffy, the excess compressed air would be wasted.   We decided to add High Power 2” Flat nozzles with the Flexible Stay Set Hoses.  They were positioned at different angles to break the wet snow into smaller forms.  Then the Super Air Knives would clear the finer snow off the product.  If the temperature decreased and the wet snow was not an issue, the High Power 2” Flat Nozzles could be shut off.  This kept the conveyor running as well as saving compressed air during the cold season.  In some applications, we may have to combine EXAIR products to solve a problem.  If you ever feel that your compressed air application seems difficult, just tag one of our Application Engineers to team up and find a solution.

John Ball
Application Engineer


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