All Kinds Of Useful Accessories…If I’d Only Known…

I’ve been learning an awful lot about car stereos lately. See, the LED display on the stereo in my wife’s car stopped working. It was intermittent for a while…I kinda knew deep down inside that it wasn’t going to fix itself…but it’s stopped working entirely now. So, we went out last weekend and got a great deal on an “open box” unit at a local Big Box Store. I’ve been back to The Store twice now, because…I’m embarrassed to admit…I didn’t do my homework on what all I needed up-front. I’ve spent almost as much on wiring harnesses, adapters, and hardware as I did on the stereo itself (which doesn’t bother me much…it was a RIDICULOUSLY good deal…maybe because it DIDN’T come with anything) and, three days later, I have everything I need to complete the installation. Which, since I have the wiring harnesses made up and all the plug-in adapters in hand, means I just have to plug in three connections, tighten four bolts, and snap the dashboard panel back in.

I tell you this, dear reader, as a cautionary tale…not just for car stereos, but for compressed air products. At EXAIR, we want to make it as easy as possible for users to get the most out of our products, so we offer a variety of very beneficial accessories:

Universal Air Knife Mounting Systems for our Air Knives.

Plumbing Kits for our Long Super Air Knives.

Stay Set Hoses and Swivel Fittings for our Super Air Nozzles.

A clip-on style Mounting Bracket for our Atomizing Spray Nozzles.

Chip Shields for our Safety Air Guns.

A broad assortment of Vacuum Cups, Fittings, Hoses, etc., for our E-Vac Vacuum Generators.

High quality Reinforced PVC Conveyance Hose for our Line Vac Air Operated Conveyors.

A variety of Suction Tools for our Industrial Vacuums.

Side Mount Kits for our Cabinet Cooler Systems.

And this doesn’t even include the products in our Accessories line – Filter Separators, Oil Removal Filters, Pressure Regulators…heck, we’ve even got accessories for our Accessories:

Again – EXAIR wants you to get the most out of our products. If you want to find out what else we might have to help you do just that, give me a call.

Russ Bowman
Application Engineer
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