Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

Over the past few weeks I have started to really look at the seemingly endless “Honey-Do” list for around my house.   As Russ Bowman mentioned a few blogs back it is still fairly cold here in Ohio so I immediately removed anything that has to do with being outside or the garage.   I decided to finally tackle the smallest room, the bathroom.

You see, our house was built in 1951 by skilled workers and has only had one other family live in it than mine.   The original family had a woodworker in it because I find lots of detailed cuts and trims that you don’t see in other homes so I know the house was well cared for.  In the 8 or 9 years we have been there we  have had the normal joys of home ownership but nothing that I couldn’t handle.   That is of course until we decided to spruce up the bathroom.

The bathroom was the one room we hadn’t done anything to and you could tell.   I decided it was at least time to repair the cracks in the walls and slap on some fresh paint, maybe a new medicine cabinet, and some other updates.   Well, what was once merely a crack in paint quickly evolved to the entire bathroom now needs a skim coat of joint compound.

What was once just a crack in paint is not an entire wall scraped to the plaster.
What was once just a crack in paint is now an entire wall scraped to the plaster.

This all happened in the course of about 5 minutes.   I just started to scrape the crack to get the loose paint off and sure enough it turned into what is shown above.   The bad news is the crack runs the full length of the wall and this is only a third of the wall.  Needless to say, I am now in over my head but am willing to give the repair a shot on my own but have already called in backup just in case.

Compressed air systems may have a lot of characteristics in common with my honey-do list.  The small issues may go for years without being checked or fixed, the list of items needing looked at may be growing daily.  Even worse, what you think might be just a small leak that doesn’t amount to much could actually be just the tip of the iceberg.   Instead of putting off the maintenance and the list of items to look at on your compressed air system, start checking those items off today.   If you don’t have a list, take a look at our 6 steps to compressed air optimization.   A little work now can save a lot of money later on.

EXAIR Six Steps To Optimizing Your Compressed Air System
EXAIR’s Six Steps To Optimizing Your Compressed Air System


Brian Farno
Application Engineer


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