EXAIR PVDF Super Air Knife in a Harsh Environment

Sometimes at EXAIR, we are challenged with an aggressive environment, and in this application, we had a customer that manufactured tractor batteries.  He was concerned about the sulfuric acid leaving the filling station area, and he wondered if we could help him.  After the batteries would get filled with sulfuric acid, they would be capped and then conveyed to a wash system.  He wanted to remove any excess acid that may have been on the battery for safety reasons.

PVDF Super Air Knife
PVDF Super Air Knife

I recommended our PVDF Super Air Knives.  These Super Air Knives are made with Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) with Hastelloy® hardware and a PTFE shim.  These materials are very inert to acid and caustic solutions.   Also with its unique design, it is able to optimize the compressed air usage with a consistent, strong blowing force.  The customer purchased three pieces of a model 110012-PVDF.  He was able to keep the hazardous sulfuric acid contained in the filling station.  As a bonus, he was able to increase the life of his washing solution because less acid was entering into the wash station.  He was so impressed by the effectiveness of the PVDF Super Air Knives that he purchased three more pieces for after the washing system.  He was able to speed up the drying process for QC checks and packaging.

If you are faced with an extreme challenge, you can contact an Application Engineer at EXAIR to see if we may have a solution for you.

John Ball
Application Engineer
Email: johnball@exair.com
Twitter: @EXAIR_jb


Hastelloy is a registered trademark of Union Carbide and Carbon Corporation.

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