Removing Static From Beer Cans


Years ago when Professor Penurious roamed the halls of EXAIR, he used to brew his own beer at home.  I remember asking him about it and having him give me way more information than anyone except a real beer manufacturer would have wanted.  Thankfully for me, a real beer manufacturer contacted me recently about an application need.

When I saw the domain extension of the e-mail inquiry I flashed back to everything Professor Penurious had mentioned, only to find it was more information than I still needed.  The application at hand needed no help with brewing the beer, but they did need help removing static from their beer cans before filling.  The end user hoped to rinse the cans in static eliminating ions to release dust and particles from the cans prior to filling.

Rinsing items in a “bath” of ions can be very effective to remove a static charge, especially if the static eliminator is positioned in the right location.  For the application shown above, and most others, the best location is at the last possible point before the static is causing a disturbance to the process.  Reason being, we want to eliminate the static, but don’t want to leave the door open to building more static before we’ve completed our critical process.

In this application, the installation location is just before the cans are filled (not shown in this image) because the root cause of their problem was dust and small particulate collecting on the cans before filling.  Using a series of Super Ion Air Knives we can create an ionizing rinse and blow off to clear the debris from the cans prior to being filled.

Visual representation of the ion flow from a Super Ion Air Knife

To create the ionizing rinse, Super Ion Air Knives are positioned on each side of the product, and on the top of the product so that even coverage is guaranteed.  Positive and negative ions generated from the Ion Bars of the Super Ion Air Knives are directed toward the surfaces with static charge, balancing the charge to near zero.  The even and laminar airflow from the Super Ion Air Knives then blows away any debris previously adhered to the product due to static.

If you have a similar application and think an EXAIR product can help, give us a call/email/chat request.  We’ll be happy to help.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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