Cold Gun Cools Cutting Die During Credit Card Manufacturing

I took an interesting call from a credit card manufacturer last week looking for a way to provide some cooling during their manufacturing process. First, the plastics used in the cards are melted and mixed with other materials then sent through an extruder where they are formed into flat sheets and laminated with a thin film as they exit the machine. The specific card design is then silk screen printed onto the card and once again laminated with another film to provide protection as well as extra strength. After being laminated, the sheets are sent through a die cutter where they are cut into the individual cards and embossed with the credit card number. It was at this point of the operation that the customer was starting to see the cards become warped due to the die cutter heating up, which resulted in irregular prints during the embossing stage. The customer is unable to use a liquid based cooling system in the process so they took to the internet to search for alternate cooling methods using air and decided to call the experts for assistance.

After reviewing the specifics with the customer, I recommended they use our Model # 5215 Cold Gun System with a single outlet flexible hose, allowing the operator to direct the cold air to the critical area, or in the particular case, the cutting die. The Cold Gun produces a cold airstream providing 1,000 Btu/hr. of cooling and a temperature drop of 50°F from the compressed air supply temperature. Incorporating a Vortex Tube, there are no moving parts and virtually no maintenance required, provided they are supplied with clean, dry filtered air. To ensure this, the system includes a filter separator to remove any contaminants or water in the supply line. There is also an integral magnetic base, allowing for a simple installation and the ability to relocate the device to another part of the process if needed.

Cold Gun System, Model # 5215 with filter, single point hose with 3/8″ cone nozzle, optional 1-1/4″ flat fan nozzle and integral mag base.

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Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer


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