Coral Reef Gardener?

I figured I would step away from the normal blog post and dive (Pun intended) into something that holds my attention and is a big hobby of mine! We could all use a break from work, and the concerns associated with COVID-19, so here is a bit more about my hobby…

Coral Reefs, as a kid I always had a fascination with the ocean! The fish, the coral, just the over all complexity of it all!  And because of that I’ve always wanted a Coral reef tank, being young with no job or money the high cost of the the hobby kept me from achieving my goals. That was until about 3 years ago I started my first Reef Tank!!

Side View
Super Man Mushroom Coral


Here are some recent photos of my tank, I move pretty slow because I only use coral and fish grown/ raised in captivity.  Now this is very different than 90% of the hobby, most coral and fish are taken from the ocean and placed in a tank.

This fall I will be getting married and for our honeymoon we will be traveling to Barbados! While on the island we will be doing dives everyday, and part of those dives are cutting coral colonies that have broken and tying them to racks so they can continue to grow and spawn in the local waters.

This is something that I’ve always wanted to do, I love my tank its a full Eco-system in a small 150 gallon box. And getting the chance to help the REAL coral reefs is pretty exciting! I will keep you updated as the reef grows and when I get back next may!

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