Cabinet Cooler Season

We are at the peak of what we here at EXAIR call Cabinet Cooler Season! Nothing can shut down an electrical cabinet and all the machinery its controlling faster than a 100° F + day and a non temperature controlled cabinet! EXAIR has a product that is controlled by the temperature in your panel so when those hot days come around it cools and protects your sensitive components. And shuts off conserving compressed air on the cooler days and months!

From right to left: Small NEMA 12, Large NEMA 12, Large NEMA 4X

One of our specialized applications are for Cabinet Cooler® Systems in areas with hotter than normal ambient temperatures. Sometimes electrical cabinets are located in environments near high heat sources such as boiler rooms, furnaces, ovens or other heat sources. If the ambient temperature is above 125° F (52° C) we offer a High Temperature Cabinet Cooler systems.

EXAIR High Temperature Cabinet Cooler systems offer relief for ambient temperatures ranging from 125° – 200° F (52°C – 93°C). Our Cabinet Cooler calculator found at will automatically determine if the High Temperature cooler is required for your specific application.

Even in extremely aggressive environments, EXAIR Cabinet Cooler Systems provide reliable heat protection for your sensitive electronics and controls.

Heat within an electrical cabinet can be a major issue for manufacturing companies. The costs associated with downtime and repairs on sensitive electronics that fail due to heat or environmental contaminants, are an unnecessary burden. If you have any questions about how an EXAIR Cabinet Cooler can solve problems in your facility, contact an EXAIR Application Engineer.

Jordan Shouse
Application Engineer

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