Международного Маркет в Цинциннатй – International Market in Cincinnati

world 2

Yesterday on lunch I grabbed a bite and noticed an international market/deli a few doors down from where I parked.  Always on the lookout for new foods, and appreciative of meeting people from other cultures, I decided to stop in.  As I walked toward the door I noticed post cards in a cursive Russian script, which is always fun because the cursive “т” looks almost identical to the printed “м”, the cursive “д” looks like the English “g”, and the cursive “г” looks like the English “d”.  I like to go through the pronunciations like a game of letter roulette.  As I ventured further into the store I ventured further into a little version of Russia…

Last May Ivan Banks and I visited the EXAIR distributor in St. Petersburg, Podshipnik Service (Bearing Service).  One day on lunch we ate at the building in which our distributor is headquartered.  The eat-in area of this deli in Cincinnati was like a replica of the small eatery in St. Petersburg.  Who knew there was a little slice of Russia so close to the EXAIR office?!?

Driving back to work I gave thought to the differences in various markets which we serve at EXAIR, especially those outside of the U.S.  If you’re a reader of our blog and in a market outside the U.S., please email me at LeeEvans@EXAIR.com with any needs you may have for our products.

Lee Evans

Application Engineer