The E-Vac and The Basketball

crosstown classic

This Saturday is a big day for college basketball around here: the University of Cincinnati Bearcats will play the Xavier University Musketeers in their 81st matchup, in what is known as the Crosstown Classic. ESPN basketball analyst Jay Bilas once said “Cincinnati and Xavier have created a rivalry that is unparalleled when it comes to outright passion and civic division.” It’s so big, in fact, that the local TV station broadcasting the game in 1990 was one of the few stations in the country showing something other than the State of the Union address. THAT’S big.

I had the pleasure of assisting a caller with a big problem involving basketballs (and other inflatable sports balls) recently. They do custom printing on these sports balls, which need to be inflated to do the printing, but must be DEflated before shipping…this is especially important when there are a BUNCH of them…like when a vendor at, say, an event like the Crosstown Classic might be selling promotional basketballs with the Official Logo on them.

Anyway, they had rigged up a standard electric powered shop vacuum through a series of adapters to get to the needle that’s used to inflate/deflate the ball, but it took a while, didn’t fully the deflate the ball, and the electric motor burned up on them. Since a big part of their operation was inflating balls, they had compressed air available, and were interested in seeing if an E-Vac Vacuum Generator would work.

We supplied them with a Model 800008M In-Line Low Vacuum Generator E-Vac – these generate more vacuum flow than the High Vacuum models, and, since only needed to evacuate the air, this was ideal. They were able to easily adapt from the 800008M’s 3/8” NPT vacuum port to their needle, and it even made for a very convenient, quiet, hand-held operation.

I won’t be attending the Big Game this weekend – EXAIR’s family Christmas party is that day – but my support goes where my tuition money went: GO BEARCATS!

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