Video Blog: How to Replace Gen4 Power Supply Fuse

With winter in full swing in North America, humidity is dropping and causing an increase in static charges. EXAIR’s line of Static Eliminating products are a necessary tool for dealing with troublesome static electricity in a variety of different industrial processes.

EXAIR’s Gen4 Static Eliminators utilize a new Power Supply to produce static eliminating ions. A new feature of the redesigned Power Supply was the ability to replace a couple of different parts rather than having to purchase an entirely new unit. In a previous video, we showed you how to replace the rocker switch if necessary. In this video, I’d like to show where the fuse is located on the new Power Supply and how to replace it if blown.

If you have any questions about your Gen4 Static Eliminators, or would like to discuss a potential application, give us a call today. Our Application Engineers are standing by waiting to help you determine the most suitable product for your application.

Tyler Daniel
Application Engineer
Twitter: @EXAIR_TD