Sit, Stand Or Lie Down?

So far this year at EXAIR  has been great.  We continue to have a lot going on and I should remind you to keep your eyes on our news feeds  (Blog, Twitter, FB or G+, RSS) because there will be plenty of announcements throughout the year.   One announcement we currently have is that in 2013 we achieved a 99.9% success rate for on time shipments.   This makes our run go to 18 years of maintaining 99.9%!  That, to me, is a huge statement on the type of business EXAIR is and the hard-working folks which make up our organization.  We want to make sure that if you order something from us, you get the right part and you get it on time.

 Kangaroo Elite   Adjustable Height Desk - Ergo Desktop

Another announcement that is on a personal level. I finally did it – as I type this blog I am in front of a standing desk.  So far I am on full day number two of standing and I am liking it.  It does feel pretty strange to be the only one standing up in an office where everyone else is sitting.   The best part is the reactions that I have gotten from everyone else.   Some of the people don’t see why you would ever want to do it or how you could, while others have been rather intrigued by it.  Another residual benefit is my recollection of this skit from Whose Line Is It Anyway: Sit, Stand, Bend Over.

I can’t speak too much for results, as I am only on my second day.  I can say this much though, I don’t think it will be easy, but I believe the pay off will.  (Payoff being feeling better, easier escape when I did something wrong, and more motivation to better myself.)

I guess the point of this (other than getting a clip from one of my favorite shows on TV) is I am hopefully going to be standing at this desk while EXAIR continues to grow and satisfy our customers.  There are several things I am positive will happen again in 2014: 1. EXAIR will continue to release new product 2. We will offer you a multitude of ways to get our input and help if needed and 3. We will stand behind our products once you have them.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer