Achieve Your Compressed Air Reduction Goals

The Compressed Air Challenge and EXAIR agree, install engineered air nozzles in place of wasteful open-blowing applications. The result will save air, lower noise and provide safety.

In their Best Practices for Compressed Air Systems manual, the Compressed Air Challenge specifically states: “Make sure the application uses only the required amount of compressed air. Higher than needed pressures and extended cycle times will result in excessive air usage. Open-blowing applications waste compressed air. For existing open-blowing applications, inexpensive energy-saving nozzles should be applied unless another practical method can be found.”

Here is an example of the money ONE Super Air Nozzle can save. The results shown on the below image are customizable by entering your application details at our Air Savings Calculator Page. If you would like any help in using this tool please contact us.

A payback time of 3 days!? You must be joking!

This is no joke, just a simple illustration of how easy it is to save compressed air. How inexpensive it is to greatly improve your compressed air efficiency. And how effective you will be toward reducing your compressed air consumption. And as added benefits you will be providing a reduction in sound levels and an increase in safety.

We can help if you have 1/4″ or 3/8″ open-blowing applications too. In fact we have helped customers who were using 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″ open pipes for their applications. You can have engineered air nozzles in-house tomorrow (we ship same day on PO’s before 3:00 pm eastern) and retrofit your open-blowing applications. You can quickly get closer to achieving your goals to reduce compressed air consumption.

And don’t forget to check this U. S. rebate database, your local utility or government to discover if more incentives exist to use compressed air saving products.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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