They Don’t Lie, They Market

I find ads and commercials fascinating. Not for the products that they are hawking, but their style of pushing the envelope of truth. For example “De Soto has the largest trunk in the industry.” The fervor in which they make the claim leads you to think it is significantly larger when in fact it is only a cubic inch or less bigger! They are not lying, it’s just marketing.

The latest marketing fad by the food industry is sea salt. You will find potato chips to soups labeled “made with sea salt” as though it were better for you than ordinary salt. The fact is there is no difference between the two except the source they come from. If you are truly concerned by your sodium intake, the next time you are at the grocers, check the labels on the box of regular salt and a box of sea salt. You will find they have the same sodium content.

In EXAIR’s pneumatics industry its sad to say there are some unsavory claims made, mostly from copycat suppliers who really do not have a working knowledge of pneumatic principles. I think from the customer’s standpoint, it is important to deal with a forthright company. When one is trying to solve a production problem, you are vulnerable to the suggestions and guidance of the company that you are working with. You would not do business with the devil, so why would you entertain relations with a knock off company whose only schtick is the price?

I am proud to work for a company that publishes only measured and verifiable sound and air consumption specifications. Our application engineers, like me,  are not commissioned so their focus is on specifying the right product that will solve your problem. If something will not work I will tell you so. I’ll also direct you to where you may find an alternative solution.

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