Problem with OSHA Compliance and Air Nozzles?

While we are usually focused on helping customers solve their application problems by implementing use of EXAIR products, these are not the only kinds of problems we see in a given day.

Another type of situation that can occur is a review of compliance to OSHA regulations. This can either be conducted by an OSHA inspector or perhaps by the company’s safety team. Reviews of everything from lock-out tag-out procedures, to MSDS sheets, to compliance with dead end pressure requirements set forth in CFR1910.242(b) are covered.

Once the safety review has been conducted and violations have been discovered, we end up receiving the call from the person in charge of bringing the company back into compliance with the “dead end pressure” directive as we call it here.
Basically, the directive states that when compressed air is used for blowing or cleaning, the pressure measured cannot exceed 30 PSIG. It also states that effective chip guarding and personal protective equipment must be used.
 The concern is that if the nozzle tip were to ever come into contact with human skin, an embolism can occur. An embolism is a blockage in an artery that either slows or completely stops blood flow to a part of the body. Air bubbles present within a person’s blood stream, in this case, caused by the direct contact with the compressed air source can cause this condition. An embolism can make a person very sick or even cause death. This is why it is taken so seriously by the OSHA inspectors and industry in general.

When an OSHA inspector comes to visit your site and wants to check a nozzle, he will have a special pressure gauge that he will place up against the tip of the nozzle. If the nozzle outputs more than 30 PSIG, then it fails, if not, then it passes the inspection.

All EXAIR Nozzles and other air blowing equipment will pass such an OSHA inspection as we perform this same test in our design lab when we are producing any new design to make sure our equipment will do what we say it will.

If you find yourself in the position of needing help locating OSHA compliant nozzles, air knives or air amplifiers, please feel free to contact with one of our technical staff for some helpful recommendations.

Neal Raker
Application Engineer

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    1. To make sure you are safe with that kind of application we will always recommend properly rated eye protection as well as gloves. An employer should be aware of potential danger from flying metal chips and maintain a safe environment.

      Our Deep Hole Vac U Gun is a product made specifically for that application which eliminates the potential for flying metal chips when used properly.

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