Do you have an EXAIR Product? Send in a picture for a surprise.

Are you an existing user of one of our products?  If so you could get something nice, shiny, and new off of our Co-Op’s desk. 

All you have to do is send in a picture of an EXAIR product being used in your facility along with your information to, and we’ll send out the surprise.  Please include a description of the image and why you use our products and it may show up in one of our EXAIR-mails as an Application Highlight or in our EXAIR E-news as a Case Study.  We won’t disclose any information or even give out your company name, so no worries there.  What we will do is thank you and show our appreciation by sending you a free gift.  An example of how we may use the information is below. And even if we don’t use it, you still get a shiny gift.

Since the picture of our “hard working” Co-Op was published on our Facebook account the Co-Op has been rather busy cleaning up Professor Penurious’ lab and plugging lots of data into spreadsheets. 

Also, in case you can’t tell what we’re giving away here is a nice insulated mug to hold the beverage of your choice.

So get those pics in before the Co-Op takes off with all the mugs.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

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