The Digital Flow Meter Saves Headaches, Time and Money

I provided a solution for a company in the tobacco revenue industry who make case packaging, wrapping and labeling machines for cigarette makers. One of their sales reps contacted me with a concern about one of their machine models which demands a great deal of their attention due to a requirement for compressed air. This machine needs a small amount of air for certain features of the machine to work properly.

This particular salesman explained how often they try to remotely trouble-shoot the performance problem of their machine, knowing they are dealing with an air supply issue, but consistently end up arranging flights to visit the customers. The additional costs of trying to solve this common problem is now a real cost burden. He and the service manager were seeking a solution to the problem when they discovered EXAIR’s Digital Flow Meter.

The flow meter is available in many sizes, including the 1″ they needed to fit on their machine’s air inlet. Once outfitted to the machine and hooked up to the air supply of a customer, the Digital Flow Meter will display how much SCFM is reaching the machine. Having the feedback from the digital flow meter will provide the empirical feedback needed to convince the customers they need to supply more air in order for the machine to work properly – without needing to arrange for a service call on site.

This is just one example of where a Digital Flow Meter can save headaches, time and money. They should also be used when benchmarking the air consumption of a production leg within your plant when you implement an air conservation program – this gives you a place to begin conserving compressed air. The Digital Flow Meter will also continue to supply you with feedback about your air savings so you will have hard evidence of air and cost savings – we know your boss wants hard evidence.

A Digital Flow Meter can also be outfitted with a Summing Remote Display to provide feedback in a convenient location from air lines which may be in a difficult location. The Summing Remote Display will also provide average air use over a 24 hour period. You can also hook into the 4-20 mA output of the flow meter to collect data about your air use.

If you are curious about beginning to save compressed air in your production process or providing feedback to your customers about the requirements for your machine, the Digital Flow Meter is a good place to start.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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