Winter is here, but Summer will be back!

During the Winter most people aren’t thinking about what problems or issues they had last summer.   Generally during the winter most are concerned and bothered by static charge on their parts or in their process causing big problems.  We talk a lot about static and our full line of static eliminators during these Winter months, but not today.  Today I am going to help everyone think of those warmer times and help jog the memory of those problems that you had and need to fix before next Summer.

The past few days here at EXAIR I have spoke to customers that have been having issues with heat during the Summer months and they want to take advantage of the slower winter month and holiday time to be proactive with their maintenance.  You see, each of these customers have had consistent heat problems on a few pieces of machinery the past few summers.  They have tried dealing with it the traditionally unsafe ways and have limped through the hot Summer months but now they want to solve the problems for the years to come.  This is why they have been contacting us about our Cabinet Cooler Systems.

With our Cabinet Cooler Systems you can very quickly and effectively install a solution and be ready for the hot weather that is sure to ensue in a few months.  So if you have had heat issues the past few Summers give us a call and we’ll walk you through sizing a Cabinet Cooler System for your application.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

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