Missing parts

This past weekend I converted my SV 650 back to near stock equipment.  This meant changing the front end back to stock, the rear sets (foot pegs), and rear wheel.  While it wasn’t that hard I still have to make sure all the pieces were there (which they weren’t) and then make something work in their place.

The bike went back together smoothly and I made sure everything was snug, or at least I thought.   Then on my way in to EXAIR on Wednesday, I was on the highway and tried to shift when I found out there was no shift lever!  The shift linkage had come loose and was dangling by one end waiting to fall off.  I immediately pulled off to the side and tightened the linkage back up and got it to work.   When I checked the linkage before I left for the day, it appeared fine.   Then on the way home when I was on the highway, the same thing happened.  By the time I made it to the shoulder this time, the shift linkage was gone.  Luckily I was close to my exit to get off the highway so I cut through downtown Cincinnati. The only problem now was that I only had first gear which meant that I was red lining the engine to keep up with traffic and to be able to stop and go.  Other than everyone staring at me because my motorcycle was screaming like a banshee, I made it home safe and sound.  The picture below shows the part that fell off.

This reminded me of a time when I found a very valuable piece to be missing off a vacuum I use in the garage, the part that holds the filter on.   This little piece must have done the same as my shift linkage and vibrated free, then gotten thrown away with the debris.

If I would have been using an EXAIR Chip Vac or Heavy Duty Dry Vac, I wouldn’t have had to worry about missing pieces or vibrations from a motor causing something to come loose.  There’s no internal moving parts that are going to come loose or fall off.  Everything is compressed air driven so I don’t even have to worry about heat build-up, bearings, seals, or even the prongs on the plug getting bent.

It’s not just Industrial Housekeeping Products that have no internal moving parts, it’s virtually all of our products here at EXAIR.  So if you have a vacuum that has stopped working or lost some pieces, just give us a call and we’ll help find an EXAIR product that will work for your application.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

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