What Makes Compressed Air Vacuums Better

I was recently given an article that was titled, “Shop Vac Flaws Grind Use to a Halt”.  This article was written by a gentleman whose original electric vacuum had declined in performance which led to acquiring a new model electric vacuum. The conclusion he draws in the end is, an old worn out decreased performance electric vacuum is better than a new electric vacuum. EXAIR knows the only comparison you can make with electric vacuums is to compare one to another – when comparing an electric vacuum to a pneumatic powered vacuum, there is no comparison. A pneumatic vacuum with no moving parts to wear out, break or decline in performance is a better vacuum.

In the end the author goes back to using his old vacuum because it didn’t require as much maintenance as his new unit.  This is where the beauty of a compressed air powered vacuum comes into play.  If he would have originally purchased a unit such as our Chip Vac or our Heavy Duty Dry Vac, which are both available in 5, 30, 55, and 110 gallon sizes, he wouldn’t have experienced any of these problems.  Our units have no internal moving parts, no bearings to grease or wear out, no motors to oil or clean. The author’s electric vacuum was missing a screw, EXAIR’s level of quality inspection eliminates the possibility for a product to arrive without a fastener.

Our units will not lose suction over time because the impeller is weak,  this is because there is no impeller to even worry about.  The only maintenance item you will encounter on our unit is the 0.1 micron filter bag which is washable and reusable.  This means you could have one vacuum that will last decades and will not need to be repaired every year.

The EXAIR Chip Vac has the equivalent suction force of around a 5 HP electric vacuum while the Heavy Duty Dry Vac will be equivalent to around a 7 HP vacuum.   No matter which unit you would choose to try they are both backed by EXAIR’s 30 day guarantee, along with our 5 year built to last warranty.  I don’t know of any electric vacuum cleaner made for shop use with a warranty or guarantee that can come close to that.  So why buy something that was designed by monkeys, choose something that was designed and made by experts in their field who stand behind what they make.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

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