Cabinet Cooler Systems Vs. Refrigerant AC and Heat Exchangers

EXAIR Cabinet Cooler systems have significant advantages over other cooling options. Our Cabinet Cooler systems are UL  listed for NEMA 12, 4 and 4X integrity and are marked CE for conforming to European Union safety standards. This blog entry will highlight the benefits and compare them to refrigerant based air conditioners and traditional heat exchangers.

Cabinet Cooler systems use Vortex Tube technology, with no moving parts, to create the cold air outlet flow which is pumped into an electronic cabinet. As air is pushed into the cabinet the Cabinet Cooler system also provides its own built-in exhaust so there is no need to vent the cabinet. This creates a positive purge on the cabinet which will keep dirt, dust and debris out of the cabinet.

Refrigerant air conditioning units have many moving parts including a compressor, condenser blower motor and evaporator blowers. All of  these products can and will break down, costing you hundreds of dollars in repairs. Most manufacturers warranty these products for 2 years. EXAIR Cabinet Cooler units are under warranty for 5 years and can last 20!

EXAIR Cabinet Cooler systems are unaffected by vibration which can cause refrigerant leaks and component failures in traditional air conditioners. Please don’t be shocked when you shell out $600.00 for a new compressor – more than  complete NEMA 12 Cabinet Cooler system with solenoid and thermostat!

And don’t forget about the floor drain to capture the condensate from the condenser in an air conditioner, but no worries from a Cabinet Cooler unit there is no troublesome by-product to deal with. You must also regularly keep your vent filters clean so you do not damage the refrigerant cooler, these products are not suitable for harsh or dirty environments like an EXAIR Cabinet Cooler systems.

Here is a cost comparison to an equivalent traditional refrigerant air conditioner. You will see we also have a total cost advantage.
EXAIR Cabinet Cooler Systems Vs. Refrigerant Air Conditioners

When you receive your EXAIR Cabinet Cooler system all you need to do is open the box and install it into a standard knockout hole; there is no need to let the compressor oil settle or worry about any shipping damage which will void your warranty.  No need to cut the side of your cabinet open for installation.

Heat exchangers, though less expensive are also less effective. Heat exchangers are negatively affected by a rise in temperature. In other words, the more you need them to cool your cabinet in the summer time, the less ability they have to do it as the weather warms! Heat exchangers are significantly de-rated as the outside temperatures rise. Cabinet Cooler systems are not dependent upon ambient temperatures to create cooling.

Heat exchangers also fail when dirt and dust clog the air intake filters. Cabinet Cooler systems again do not use ambient air but compressed air which should be clean and dry. The right quality of air is easily achieved through the use of a compressed air filter which is typically included in a Cabinet Cooler system. Replacement filter elements for a Cabinet Cooler unit should be installed twice a year as a rule, they are inexpensive (<$20) and simple to replace.

Cabinet Cooler systems are not only extremely effective but also operate efficiently by using a thermostat control to turn themselves on and off only as needed. As the seasons change and your cabinet does not get as hot during the winter, the cooler shuts itself off (you won’t even notice it until it turns back on during a hot day). If you do not generate heat in your cabinet due to a shutdown or running one shift, it will again turn itself off. A thermostat control ensures optimum efficiency by turning it off when not in use,  just like STEP 4 in the 6 Steps to Optimization.

In Summary:

  • EXAIR Cabinet Coolers systems are UL listed to maintain the NEMA 12, 4 and 4X integrity of your electronic enclosure. And CE marked for conforming to EU safety standards.
  •  Have no moving parts to break or wear, very durable.
  •  Can create a positive purge on the cabinet to keep dirt and debris from entering the cabinet.
  •  Are not affected by ambient temperature or conditions.
  •  Inexpensive to purchase.

EXAIR Cabinet Coolers systems are an inexpensive solution which will payoff for years to come!

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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