Are you a DIY / Hacker / Too cheap to pay for stuff like me?

I have noticed over the past decade that the definition (or at least what I considered the definition) of a hacker has altered.  When the term “Hacker” is tossed around, most will think of computers and electronic devices.  Now, there are people who consider it to be a hack when simply finding a way to alter a device to be used for something other than it’s original intent.  Wikipedia® lists the definition of a hacker as having three different types.  (Wikipedia link)

Today I would consider myself a Hacker (that would be of the hobbyist type).  In the past month, I have helped to re-purpose several items that may have been thrown away, refused to pay someone to fix a faulty gas range, and built a cheaper more robust pedestal for our washer and dryer.  I’ve been told I do this simply because I am frugal or cheap.  The truth of the matter is I simply won’t give up on trying to do something myself until I feel I have exhausted every idea I can conjure up.

That is the same effort that we put into our applications and projects here at EXAIR. If we can’t figure it out with the first try, we don’t stop there.  This is what gives us the knowledge needed to answer the questions when you call.  If we haven’t worked with the exact application before, chances are we’ve come close and we’ll have a very good idea about what can be done to meet or exceed your needs.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer / Hacker

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