I’ve Told You A Million Times Not To Exaggerate!

It’s no secret that “embellishment” is a valid and powerful component of effective communication. My wife uses it often to get the family to where we’re going on time. In fact, I already know she’s going to use it this coming Monday. Grandpa Harry’s Labor Day cookout will begin at 1pm, but she’s going to tell me and the boys that it starts at 12:30. Then, promptly at 11:30am, she’s going to frantically inform us that it’s “almost noon” and we need to hurry. I’m glad she does this…otherwise, we’d never make our usual 1:15 arrival.

I got an email from a customer the other day, with an extremely positive report on the results of a new Line Vac application. They were using buckets to hand load steel shot from 55 gallon drums into a hopper. The closest they could get the barrels to the hopper was about 5 feet, so this made for a tedious manual operation. EXAIR’s 2” Heavy Duty Line Vac proved to be an ideal solution: my customer commented that people from other departments were so impressed, that he was going to have to put a chain on his Line Vac to keep them from running off with it. It’s always nice to get positive feedback from a successful application, but that one really made my day.

The hyperbole didn’t stop there, though…how could I allow that to happen? In thanking him for taking the time to share the good news, I told him that I would consider adding “anti-theft devices” to our next discussion of additional accessories to our product line. Then, I shared his comment with my co-workers. Then the speed of the hyperbole increased…well, hyperbolically: Joe pointed out that the Heavy Duty Threaded Line Vac would be harder to steal. Brian suggested that if it was painted pink, it might deter a would-be thief.  And the hits kept coming.

I’ll close now, because I feel I’ve made my point about exaggeration and hyperbole. But I could go on forever about it.

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