Conquering a Large Scale Project

As I am typing this blog I can think of at least six other projects which I have deadlines that are constantly getting shuffled around.  Some are larger than others and if I let myself get off task I will end up feeling overwhelmed because all I will see is the entire list and the amount of work that is to be done.   This can very easily happen when you are faced with the task of reducing energy consumption in your facility.  The good news is that EXAIR is here to help!

Instead of looking at the amount of work that needs to be done, take a step back and look at the individual areas you can conquer in smaller chunks.  For instance, when looking at reducing the energy consumption on the plant, look to individual areas or users, such as the air compressor.


If you can reduce the volume of air that the compressor has to generate to fulfill the demand side of the system then you will greatly reduce the amount of energy consumed.  This can be done by conducting an Air Audit on your facility.  While that may still seem like a large-scale project, look at the end uses in small amounts.  Are there any open pipe blow offs?  What kind of handheld blow guns are the operators using?  Do the triggers leak?  Are there areas that use compressed air continuously that don’t need to be?  What is the operating pressure of all point of use applications, do they need to use that high of a pressure?  Has a leak test been conducted on the system?  A single leak can cost a company thousands of dollars a year in compressed air cost.


When you break the projects into smaller portions you find instead of dealing with an entire catalog of items, you are really only looking at one section.  Not only that but EXAIR can help with selecting the best product.  Maybe you have existing blow guns or nozzles and you have no idea how much compressed air they use.  Take advantage of our Efficiency Lab and you will not only find out the consumption of the units but what a valid replacement would be and just how much compressed air and money that replacement can save you.  Instead of feeling overwhelmed about where to start on those large-scale projects that involve compressed air.  Give us a call and allow us the chance to break that iceberg of a problem into a nice snow cone that can easily be handled.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

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