Exterior Surface Cleaning with Super Air Knife

With the variety of technological tools at our resources nowadays, it’s common to receive application photos from the field.  It’s also becoming increasingly popular to receive videos, which are even better because they show the process in action.

The video above, for example, was taken on a smartphone and sent over in regards to a problem keeping a drum clean.  Originally, a cotton pad was used to keep the exterior of the drum clean and debris free.  The cotton pad was directly in contact with the drum and over a relatively short period of time, the pad would wear away.

The solution for this application was the Super Air Knife.  Keeping a very similar mounting setup, and aiming the output airflow 45° opposite to the direction of drum rotation, the Super Air Knife can be positioned to keep the drum clean.  And, this process now requires little to no maintenance.

If you have a similar application, or a not so similar one but want to send in a photo or video for advice, my email contact is below.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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