Doomsday Prepper or Just Being Prepared?

I watched “Doomsday Preppers” for the first time on TV. My initial take was that these folks have a screw loose. But then I remember the pictures of  the devastation Hurricane Sandy caused. It was cold and people were without food and shelter. Mobility was limited due to fallen trees and gasoline unavailable. Many of the residents were overcome with anxiety and mental breakdown.sandy

When hurricane Ike came through Cincinnati we lost power for several days. Lucky for us it was mild weather so shelter was not an issue and we still had water service. The worst was overcoming the temptation to open the fridge to get a beer.

This really got me to thinking. What would I do if I were thrust into a real dire situation. What if that meteorite had landed in Texas and taken out the refineries. A major disruption in fuel supplies would cripple the trucking industry, without gas farmers could not harvest the crops, businesses could not open their doors, without a job to go to, people would not have the money to buy supplies. OMG! , I am starting to sound like a “prepper”! In all reality, one does not have to go to the extremes but at least be prepared.

How well is your facility prepared for the impending heat this summer? Will you wait to experience a shutdown because of overheated control panels, or you preparing now for panel cooling?  EXAIR has a complete line of Cabinet Coolers , to cool your electronic enclosures, that have no moving parts and use compressed air for power . Now is the time to be thinking of beating the heat. Feel welcomed to contact one of our application engineers to go over your cooling requirements.

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