Long EXAIR Super Air Knife Kit Provides Upgrade to Existing Blow-off Application

One of our long standing customers is a float glass manufacturer in the Middle East region. They had long been a customer for our Cabinet Cooler systems as their processes obviously tend to be quite hot.

They had recently come to me with a new problem they had in their pattern line wire separator. There are two sets of clamps that grip the glass, one set upstream and another downstream. The problem was that small chips were accumulating on the clamping pads and causing visual defects in the glass when clamped upon.

Their previous blowing “system” if you want to call it that, was a simple, perforated pipe connected to compressed air. The pipe was ineffective from many points of view. It did not produce a very forceful stream of air to blow the chips, it consumed a ton of compressed air when it was in operation, was very loud and quite un-safe to the operators in the area.

The one thing that the customer needed was a length of 84 inches for their blow off solution. EXAIR was able to meet this need fairly easily with our 84” Aluminum Super Air Knife Kit which was available from stock.


The Super Air Knife was positioned along-side the glass line to provide a momentary blast of air all along the length prior to gripping with the upstream and downstream gripping pads. This action cleared any debris and stopped the glass from being defective as a result of the clamping action.

The key to success in the application was in being able to provide a forceful blowing action evenly all the way along the length of the glass so no spots were missed.

Do you have a large or wide area blow-off application that you would like to discuss? Please contact our Application Engineering department and we will be glad to discuss your application. Or you can fill out our Application Assistance Worksheet and send it in for us to review and follow up with you.

Neal Raker, Application Engineer

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