No Need To Tell Anything But The Truth

Last week, naval & military history buffs (like me) observed the anniversary of the Battle of Midway (June 4-7, 1942). This was a significant victory for the United States, in that it dealt a crushing blow to the Imperial Navy just six months after the bombing of Pearl Harbor – a blow that their shipbuilding industry was unable to recover from. It also resulted in the sinking of four of the six carriers that were used for the Pearl Harbor attack. The strategic acumen of the US commanders, as well as the bravery & skill of the men in their charge, is undisputable. But one of the key details in their victory was the fact that they lied their butts off. See, US intelligence had broken the Japanese communications’ secret codes, and had found out that Japanese intelligence had broken theirs. This is where espionage gets tricky: The US played the “they don’t know that WE know that THEY know…” card against the Japanese, and sent out a bunch of false messages about ship locations and logistics conditions, and the Japanese fleet sailed right into one of the most well executed ambushes in military history.

The thing about false information is that it only works out for the party presenting it, and usually not more than once. Bryan Peters wrote a blog a couple of weeks ago, titled “Don’t Be Fooled By Fool’s Gold,” about how we tested a competitor’s air knife, which used more air than they said it did…the obvious problem being that they claimed their air knife cost LESS to operate than ours, but it in fact cost much more.

At EXAIR, we don’t operate like that. Partly because; let’s face it; dishonesty is bad business – what do you tell a customer whose flow meter reveals a gross discrepancy with your published data? THAT’S an uncomfortable conversation right there.

Mostly, though, we just don’t have to. EXAIR has always taken great care in developing the most efficient, most effective Engineered Compressed Air Products that can be made. If you don’t believe it, we can prove it, in a couple of ways:

*Any catalog product comes with a 30 Day Unconditional Guarantee. We invite you to “put it through its paces” for up to a month. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, we’ll arrange return for full credit.
*For a side-by-side comparison, we can test your existing compressed air product(s) in our Efficiency Lab. We’ll provide comprehensive data, obtained from calibrated instruments, by (with as much humility as I can muster) highly trained experts in the industry. We’ll even document it with photos and video if you like.

And our products’ tests will show just what we publish. When you make the best, you don’t need anything but the truth in order to brag about it.

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