The Case Is Made for Heavy Duty HEPA Vac


I had an interesting discussion with an overseas customer recently. They had come to us looking for a commercial offer for our Vac-U-Gun product. Then were asking about our Deep Hole Vac-U-Gun product. It was one of those scenarios where the customer appears to know what they want and have their models all picked out.

We have developed a natural curiosity for how folks are using our products around here so I asked him about his application. He seemed to know what he wanted, I just wanted to know how he was going to use the product in case I needed it for a future conversation to relate product usefulness to someone else. It turns out that his intention was to use the Vac-U-Gun to vacuum up dried coffee creamer in their production environment.

You may be thinking that we do promote the Vac-U-Gun for such cleaning applications. The issue here was that this was the only thing the Vac-U-Gun was going to be used for and they had quite a bit of volume to suck up on any given day. Upwards of 20 lbs. of the stuff.  That’s a lot of creamer!

After we had our discussion, I made a suggestion that the customer seriously consider using another of our products that would be better suited to picking up dusty and powdery product. That would be our Heavy Duty HEPA Vac. While the Vac-U-Gun would have certainly picked up the product, the filtering media of the bag would have quickly become clogged and they would have had to continuously clean it throughout each daily use. This isn’t a scenario that I would want our customers to be saddled with when trying to purchase a solution from our company. So, I began talking about the features of the Heavy Duty HEPA Vac.

The most valuable feature that I felt would be helpful for this customer was the fact that we utilize a thick, pre-filter material to catch a large portion of any dust that might come through. The Heavy Duty HEPA Vac is able to vacuum up a whole 55 gallon drum worth of dusty material before cleaning of the pre-filter becomes necessary. And even then, all that is necessary is to knock it against the inside wall of a garbage can to get the bulk of the dust to drop off. Then it is right back to the vacuum system and ready for more use.

With this in mind, I knew that the Heavy Duty HEPA Vac system would be more than adequate to help this customer make his cleaning operations much more effective and easier to perform. The customer is still weighing his options at this point but is now seriously considering a tool that would be a much better option than their current method of a broom and dust pan.

If you have a particularly dusty clean-up application, you should give the Heavy Duty HEPA Vac a try. You will not be disappointed.

Neal Raker, Application Engineer

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