Durable, Efficient, and Quiet: EXAIR Heavy Duty Safety Air Guns

I had the pleasure, recently, to help the maintenance supervisor of a large, well known bakery with the selection of replacement air guns for their facility. He agreed to participate in a Case Study, quantitatively demonstrating the improvements realized by using EXAIR Safety Air Guns in place of their current ones. Their main complaint was the durability of the ones they were using: the trigger mechanisms routinely failed, and despite repeated contacts with the manufacturer, were unable to get the problem satisfactorily addressed.

In order to get accurate air flow, force, and sound level data, I asked them to send one of these air guns in for testing in our Efficiency Lab. Frankly, I was expecting to see an inexpensive commercial grade offering from a discount tool wholesaler. Instead, it was a heavily advertised product from one of the “key players” in our market. Not only did their product use more air than ours, it was louder than ours, and the trigger BROKE WHILE I WAS TESTING IT. I saw what our customer meant about the durability.

They’ve been using our Model 1310 Heavy Duty Safety Air Guns, with a variety of Extension Pipe lengths, for almost five months now. They called the other day to order some more, and express their satisfaction with our products. This made me think of two things:

*Unlike our competitor in this situation, we WANT to know if you’re not getting the most out of our products. I’m one of the most highly trained Application Engineers in this business, and I share an office with the others. We’ve got an unparalleled track record of successfully solving compressed air applications. Try us.

*It sure is nice to hear from someone you’ve made a positive impact on. If you’ve experienced this lately, you know what I mean. And if someone’s done something like that for you, you should go tell them. You’ll both be better off for it.

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