High Temperature, Dual Cabinet Cooler Systems Make the Grade for Extreme Duty Operation


EXAIR Corporation and our products have a robust presence in many overseas places. I should know. I work directly with many of our overseas clients, especially in the Middle East region where just the ambient temperatures climb to 60°C (140°F). If you take that high heat ambient condition and throw in the fact that our customers are working in petrochemical, chemical, cement, glass and plastic industries, the conditions in these manufacturing plants can be torturous not only to personnel but also to the many cabinets which reside in these processes.

I am working presently with a customer in Saudi Arabia who specializes in production of specialty pipe products which combine glass-fiber, resin and sand to produce pipes which can withstand highly corrosive and/or abrasive applications. When you have these kinds of raw materials moving around a production environment, you not only have the issue of high heat conditions, but also the egress of these fine materials into various panels causes many pre-mature failures. As many of us know, housekeeping will usually take a back seat to production. So, the customer is looking for a solution that can keep their panels cool enough to operate and also provide a means to keep a positive pressure to keep these raw materials from migrating inside their panels.

The specific application we are starting with is a panel located very near to where the sand charge is dumped into a mixer to be combined with the resin. The cabinet size is 1200 mm (h) X 1200 mm (W) X 400 mm Depth. The temperatures in this area get up to 60°C and with his internal heat load, his cabinet is getting up to 51°C under present conditions. I asked the customer to fill out a Cabinet Cooler Sizing Guide for me so I could have all the data necessary to run heat load calculations for him. We performed the calculations and came up with 1,170 Btu/hr. that he needed in this case.

After determining the heat load, I evaluated our available HT Cabinet Cooler models and settled on one of the Dual Cabinet Cooler systems to provide them with trouble-free cooling. The specific model was HT4360-240 (NEMA 12, High Temperature, Dual Cabinet Cooler System with 240 VAC thermostat control).

Since this is a technology that the customer was not familiar with prior to our contact, he is exercising prudence and has installed one unit for the time being and is evaluating its performance. This is a fairly new installation. So far, the customer has been satisfied with the performance.

Cabinet Cooler Systems can withstand very demanding applications like the one above. With proper selection and guidance from our experienced Application Engineering staff, you can be assured of similar, good performance in your application as well.  Present us with your challenging application today!

Neal Raker, Application Engineer

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