Replacing Home Made Blow Offs

Yesterday, I took a call from a customer, who had successful replaced a low cost blow off station with (2) of 6″ Super Air Knife.  The low cost blow off station was made up of two flexible lines with plastic liquid coolant nozzles to dry two surfaces after a roll forming process.  At the beginning of every production run, the nozzles would have to be positioned to hit the surface of the part because the flexible line would not hold its position.  On top of that even though these nozzles were blowing 74 SCFM of compressed air at 80 PSIG, the blow off was ineffective and left moisture on the parts after the run, which lead to corrosion on the parts during storage.



The (2) six inch Air Knives improved this process in three ways.  First, he never needed to reposition the nozzles after a production run.  Using the 1/4-20 threads in the bottom of the air knife, the customer was able to mount the air knife directly to the machine, which was a more robust system than the flexible liquid coolant hose. Second, the knives only consumed 35 SCFM of compressed air reducing his air consumption by half.  By utilizing the 40:1 amplification ration of the air knife, the customer had a much lower demand on the compressed air system, while getting the job done.  Finally, he left his customers happy with no corrosion marks on the parts after they had been stacked and delivered.  With no complaints about the quality at his customer, our customer will be able to improve his relationship with his customers and improve his business.



Dave Woerner
Application Engineer

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