Time and Tide Wait for No Man

I have a friend who has been retired for a couple of decades. He recently visited a manufacturing facility and was taken back by the fact there were hardly any workers. Robots were doing all the work. Times have changed since he was last in the workplace.

Computerization has changed the way we manufacture, conduct business, and communicate.Technology is ever changing and at a rapid pace. The pressure for more productivity at a lower cost is relentless. If one does not keep pace  you will go by the way of the dinosaurs.

Something seemingly as  simplistic as farming has gone high tech. At this years county fair I stopped by to look at all the farm implements. A GPS monitor mounted on a fertilizer.  It was explained to me that regulations dealing with nitrates leaching into the groundwater, the application of nitrogen has to be regulated. Using satellite imagery, the fertility of the soil is measured. This data is loaded into the GPS monitor that controls the amount of fertilizer applied as the tractor travels down the field.

EXAIR is on the leading edge of technology with its engineered nozzles. Government mandates on limiting dead end air nozzlepressure and sound levels have made homemade nozzles unacceptable. All EXAIR products meet or exceed OSHA standard 1910.242(b). They are also extremely efficient as they deliver up to 25 time more air than the amount of compressed air used.

Updating your compressed air blow offs can save compressed air, energy and money. Keep your facilities up to date and call our Application Engineers for assistance, 1-800-903-9247.

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