Comfort In The Workplace

Earlier this week I was watching a show on cable (which I don’t have at home) called Duck Dynasty.  I’m pretty sure a few of you have probably heard of it or seen it.   This family has made quite a name for themselves and their family business over the past few years.   In this episode Willie, the son who runs the business, replaced everyone’s old desks with all new standing work centers.   The employee reactions ranged from appalled to appreciative.  Completely different reactions when all Willie was trying to do was help the employees be more efficient and more comfortable while they were there.

Here at EXAIR, I have a rather nice work area that is quite comfy.  While it is not a standing desk, nor is it wrapped in camouflage, it’s a great setup for the work that we do here.   It did get me thinking though, what are the benefits to a standing desk?  (I can see one pitfall, no roller chair to have chair races with.)  So I started to read up on a few blogs that I have found and it does sound like a standing desk would be worth trying out.  However, there isn’t a desk company that will let you try something out for 30 days.  That also got me to wondering what the ultimate cubicle / office would look like.  (A few examples below)

ultimate cube


Then that brought me to my next thought, it’s one that we really like to stress.  That is the fact that we honor a 30 day guarantee on all stock products.   This means if you aren’t sure whether we are going to be the right fit for you application.  There is no harm in trying.  We will take the product back and issue you a full return as long as you let us know within 30 days from the date of purchase.   On top of that, if it doesn’t work, we will most definitely try to help you find something that will fit your needs. But here is the secret, our website, our Application Engineers and the amount of information we offer to help make a purchasing decision result in a low frequency of orders coming back; the vast majority of applications are successful!. We are confident you will be pleased with the service, quality and results our products can produce within your facility whether you are trying to decrease energy use, increase employee comfort or improve efficiency.


Brian Farno
Application Engineer

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