‘Tis the Season for Giving

Traveling in to work this morning, I noticed a lot of cars having had their windshields scraped of frost. It is that time of year again and the stores already have holiday decorations on display. It won’t be long before the gift exchanges start. Speaking of giving, EXAIR is giving away a FREE Soft Grip Safety Air Gun with the purchase of a Super Air Knife.

How Air Knife Works

Air knives are used in industrial applications for drying, removing excess oils and liquids, blow off and cooling. Their unique design draws in ambient air up to 40:1 and adds it to the output air stream achieving more air flow than the compressed air consumed.

They are giving away a safety air gun because they would like you to try something that is more safe, OSHA compliant, and efficient

Air Gun Promo


Many inexpensive air guns sold through catalogs and industrial supply companies have high air consumption and produce noise levels that violate OSHA requirements. Some may even generate dangerous dead ind pressures that can result in serious or fatal injuries if blocked.

Interested in saving some compressed air and providing a safer workplace, then give a call to our application engineers and they will help you pick out a product that fits your needs. EXAIR has a no risk policy.  They provide a 30 day evaluation on whatever cataloged item you order out. If for any reason within that time you are not satisfied, you can return it for full credit.

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