Free Safety Air Guns and Beards

Last week, Brian introduced Movember to the EXAIR blog this year.  I’m pretty sure Movember was started as a flimsy excuse for some Aussies to grow their facial hair and not have their bosses and wives give them a hard time.  I fully support this plan.  Having said that, it is very difficult to talk about men’s health with other men.  One of the difficulties is it is impossible to feel manly, while mentioning a prostate exam, but if women can go through breast examinations and child birth, we can deal with going to the doctor every year.  Do you know the one thing that makes you feel manly? Outrageous facial hair.  So I’m hoping by the end of the month, I will be able to pull off talking about testicular cancer, prostate exams, and mental health without making awful of jokes about the subject matter.  I wouldn’t bet on my growing up that much by growing a beard, but it is worth a shot.  *Note: I had a very funny joke here that made my editor spit his coffee from laughter, unfortunately, this a family friendly blog, so we had to cut it.*

On Halloween, I had my last full face shave until December 1st, but I have been trimming my neck.  Here are the results so far.

1 week beard – not weak, but week.

I have reached the stage in beard growing, where I now need to do some trimming to keep it neat, and it itches like crazy.

(Alas, complaining about facial hair being itchy is distinctly unmanly, so I will stop that.  Joe is photobombing me in this picture to keep me from posting a selfie, which is also distinctly unmanly.)

Speaking of health issues.  According to Michigan’s OSHA Five Minute Safety Talk No. 13, “Air pressure in excess of 30 lbs. can drive chips, as well as scale from inside the piping, into your face and eyes with the force of shrapnel. Such air driven missiles still do damage when they bounce off a surface, spinning much like a high speed cutting head. Air pressure against the skin may penetrate deeply to cause internal hemorrhage and intense pain.”

When using compressed air, please ensure that you use an engineered solution to prevent accidentally dead ending over 30 PSIG against human skin and be sure to wear all PPE and ensure that proper shielding is in place to prevent flying chips from creating and unsafe situation.

This month EXAIR is running a promo on two products that will conserve compressed air and comply with OSHA’s standards.  Please take advantage of our month long Super Air Gun promotion for a free Super Air Gun with a purchase of any Super Air Knife.

Super Air Knife Promo

The Soft Grip Super Air Gun will conserve compressed air, while providing a strong blow off with up to 3.3 pounds of force.  By replacing open tubes and cheap air guns with EXAIR’s line of Safety Air Guns,  you will reduce the noise level in your facility and prevent dead ending over 30 PSIG of compressed air against human skin, which is a distinct threat to Men’s (and Women’s) health in the work place.

The Super Air Knife creates a laminar sheet of air which will cool, dry, blow off, open, float or separate your parts.  All of this process can be done while keeping the noise level below 69 dBA and providing up to 15 ounces of force with a 6″ long air knife, when it is supplied with 80 PSIG.

Dave Woerner
Application Engineer

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