Keep it Cool…And Clean…And Dry

Summer is in full swing for us in the U.S.  The temperatures and humidity are high, the sun is shining, and EXAIR Application Engineers are calculating heat load for overheating electrical enclosures to help customers determine which Cabinet Cooler system will remove the heat and eliminate associated problems. With the variety of applications for EXAIR Cabinet Coolers comes a variety of problem solutions.  For example, we may cool the temperature of an enclosure, and, we may also prevent dust or water from entering the enclosure.

Cabinet Cooler Panel

This is exactly what EXAIR can offer in the application shown above.  As you can see, the enclosure has remained open in a dirty environment in an attempt to solve an overheating condition.  This, in turn, has allowed dirt from the surrounding area to enter the enclosure and infiltrate the electrical devices.  An attempt to solve one problem has created another.  By installing an EXAIR Cabinet Cooler, this end user is able to cool the electronic components AND keep the enclosure contaminant free, solving two problems with one device. Also note that keeping an electrical panel doors open exposes personnel to dangerous situations if they come in contact with the exposed wires and connections.

EXAIR Cabinet Coolers have the potential to end an overheating condition AND prevent dirt from entering the enclosure by creating a slight positive pressure inside the cabinet. There is no need to worry about water entering the enclosure if you are in a wash-down or high humidity environment because they are UL listed for NEMA integrities of NEMA 12, NEMA 4 and NEMA 4X. NEMA 12 integrity protects against dirt, dust, and oil. NEMA 4 integrity is dust tight, oil-tight, splash resistant and indoor/outdoor service. NEMA 4X integrity offers the same protection as NEMA $ but is available in 303 and 316 stainless steel to provide for food service and corrosion resistance. To find out more about what an EXAIR Cabinet Cooler can do for your application, contact an Application Engineer.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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