EXAIR Cabinet Cooler Systems Really Are As Easy As That

I had the pleasure of assisting a caller recently who was looking for the “rest of the instructions” for installing an EXAIR Cabinet Cooler System. Frankly, I misunderstood the question, and offered to email the 2-page Installation & Maintenance Guide that ships with every unit. He told me he had that; he just figured there had to be more.

We went over the basic steps, and I even sent him a link to our Cabinet Cooler Systems video. The portion that shows how they’re installed is less than a minute. So, even considering preparation, gathering tools, lockout/tagout (safety first, you know,) and actual installation & plumbing, you’re still probably only looking at a fraction of an hour from start to finish.

You can seriously go from this (left) to this (right) in a matter of minutes.
You can seriously go from this (left) to this (right) in a matter of minutes.

In fact, I know this was true in this particular case, as he called me back within the hour to tell me that it was up & running…”as easy as that.” With EXAIR’s Cabinet Cooler Systems…and just about all of our other product lines…it really is just as easy as that. If you have a compressed air product application and want to find out just how easy it is to solve, give me call, and we’ll find out. Easy as that.

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