Cooling Down A Test Rig With EXAIR Cold Guns

Clean Cold Gun setup
Model 5215 Cold Guns with cold outlets plumbed to cool test rig

About a month ago I traveled to Italy to participate in the BI-MU exhibition with our distributor in Milan.  During the exhibition application questions were asked about a variety of products, and there were a variety of products on display.  End users and OEMS were interested in the ability of EXAIR products to increase efficiency in compressed air applications while simultaneously increasing performance when compared to existing setups or competitors.

One of the applications that was discussed centered around the need to provide cooling during a testing procedure.  And, one of the most suitable products to do so is the EXAIR Cold Gun.  We discussed the merits of a Cold Gun setup – the ease of installation, the ability to provide single or dual point cooling, the ability to improve production rates without liquid coolant, the maintenance free design with no moving parts, and many others – and ultimately determined that such a setup was suitable for the application.

As I settle back in to the U.S. (short-lived, I’ll be visiting our distributors in the Philippines and Taiwan very soon), and as we begin a promotion for the EXAIR Cold Gun (check out the promo here), I am again finding similar applications.

One such application can be seen in the photo at the top of the page.  The cold outlets of the Cold Guns are being routed through a custom setup to cool a chemical reaction during testing.  While the supply line is not what we would recommend because it is slightly undersized,  the setup is clean and still providing the needed results for the end user.

EXAIR has a long list of application solutions provided to our customers.  If you have an application or process in need of a compressed air based solution, contact an EXAIR Application Engineer.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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