Super Air Amplifier Removes Fumes In Plastics Machining

I recently took a call from a customer who was using our Model # 120022, 2″ Super Air Amplifier to remove an odor that is produced from trimming their plastic pump impellers. The impellers are made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic and when they turn the larger impellers the Super Air Amplifier “works great”. The fumes are captured by the amplifier and exhausted through 10′ of duct attached to the positive pressure side of the amplifier. However, as they increase the speed to trim the smaller sizes, the amount of fumes would increase and remain in the area, so they called EXAIR for help.

Using the Coanda profile, the Super Air Amplifier utilizes a small amount of compressed air to induce a large amount of surrounding ambient air and directs it into the primary airstream. The surrounding ambient air is pulled into the Super Air Amplifier from the large diameter (vacuum side) to the small diameter (positive pressure side). The result is a large volume of outlet airflow, making them the ideal choice for this type of application. While the units are shipped with a .003″ shim installed, we offer both a .006″ or a .009″ shim (available in a Shim Set) that allows you to increase the gap, resulting in more volume of vacuum and positive pressure flow, and force.

Super Air Amplifer w- shims
Super Air Amplifier and Shim Set

I recommended the customer order the Shim Set, allowing them to increase the gap to induce a larger amount of air to evacuate the area. They are now using one unit, capable of handling both jobs.

If you have a similar application or need help with your existing Air Amplifier, give us a call!

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer

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