Cold Gun Aircoolant System Improves Welding Operation

I received a call from a manufacturer that has a spiral welding operation. They create tubes and pipes from metal strips that are welded together in a continuous operation. The material is placed into the machine and twisted in a way to create a butt seam along the edge for welding. The edge has to be shaved to create a welding seam. Because of the speed of operation, the mechanical trimmer that prepares the edge was getting dull. The operation had to be stop for replacement. Understanding the costs associated with down time, they wanted to improve the length of time before replacement.

He called EXAIR to see if we can offer a solution. With this process, he could not use liquid coolant, as it would affect the welding operation. I suggested that we should use the Cold Gun Aircoolant System. It is designed to improve the life of tools by removing heat that causes premature failure. The Cold Gun produces a cold air stream at 50 deg. F (28 deg. C) below supply air temperature. I recommended the model 5230 High Power Cold Gun for his operation. Because it has the highest cooling capacity and force, it will keep the trimmer cool and clean. The down time was reduced by half, making the manufacturer happy that they called EXAIR.

Cold Gun Lineup

When liquid coolant cannot be used in an application or the tools are dulling quickly on a dry machining process, you can contact an Application Engineer at EXAIR to get the correct Cold Gun Aircoolant System.




John Ball
Application Engineer
Twitter: @EXAIR_jb

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