Cooling a Flue Stack with Air Amplifiers

In some cities when you look along the skyline, you see exhaust stacks bellowing out plumes of smoke. I never paid much attention to the structure except that they were tall and in some cases very wide. I received a call from a customer that had a flue stack that exhausts hot gas in their petroleum process. They had an issue with hotspots in the wall of their stack. The customer need to cool the hotspots and decided to contact EXAIR.

Flue Stack
Flue Stack

His stack had a diameter of 6 foot (1.8 meters), and the hotspots were reaching a temperature of 750 deg. F (400 deg. C). This was too hot, and it could cause premature issues with fatiguing of the structure of the stack. He wanted to reduce the temperature to 400 deg. F (204 deg. C) to keep the stack from warping or degrading. Together, we were able to create a solution using our stainless steel Adjustable Air Amplifiers.

Adjustable Air Amplifier
Adjustable Air Amplifier

The customer was able to create a stainless steel circular manifold to mount 40 pieces of the model 6032 around the circumference. This manifold ring would be mounted around the stack near the hotspot. With the high amplification ratio associated with the Air Amplifiers, it can move a large volume of cooler ambient air along the hotspot of the stack. In keeping the stack cool, he could continue operations and reduce his worry for untimely shut-downs and costly maintenance.

Whenever you have something hot and you need to cool it down, the Air Amplifiers could be the solution for you. If you would like to speak to an Application Engineer about your cooling application, you can contact us at EXAIR at 800-903-9247.


John Ball
Application Engineer
Twitter: @exair_jb


“Stack” image courtesy of paulgalbraithCreative Comment License

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